Devoción Coffee

This new Brooklyn coffeehouse on Livingston Street in downtown Brooklyn marks the third outpost for the small-scale coffee roaster, Devoción. The large scale island in the middle of the space hosts a tropical landscape, highly illuminated to support plant growth and to create a focal point in the middle of the space. Additional low level lighting brings the intimacy and creates a comfortable ambience for a lounge seating area. Much of the decor in the Brooklyn cafe was fabricated by Colombian craftsmen. There is a range of seating options, from little wooden stools, to leather lounge chairs. Simple lighting fixtures, shaped as either discs or globes, are suspended from the ceiling, where ductwork was left exposed. The service counter and back bar, softly illuminated with millwork integrated lighting, serves as a visual backdrop to the open cafe space and the street view through the large windows.

Designed in collaboration with Jessica Tchah

Project Information

Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA

Completion Date: 2018

Interior Design: LOT, Office for Architecture

Client: Devoción

Type: Coffee House

Size: 1,700ft2 / 158m2

Status: Built


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