Elea restaurant, located on the upper west side, was designed to have a casual look, with details to evoke a familiar greek atmosphere. White walls, light wood, terra cotta tile, and Greek-style pottery are used throughout the light-filled, 40-seat bar room on the ground level and the more sprawling, 130-seat dining room downstairs. Map Design Studio created an elevated dining experience with small accent lights discreetly located throughout the dining area, which in combination with the basket weaved pendants and glass sconces, layer the space with light and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The illuminated suspended bar takes presence in the center of the ground floor and becomes a focal point in the space, visible from the outside. The cellar level, meant to have a flexible seating arrangement, is illuminated by a grid of decorative warm glowing lights. Millwork integrated lighting frames the space with light and defines a cozy and intimate, candlelit dining room.

Designed in collaboration with Jessica Tchah

Project Information

Location: New York, NY, USA

Completion Date: 2018

Interior Design: LOT, Office for Architecture

Client: ST Management Group

Type: Hospitality

Size: 3,800ft2 / 350m2

Status: Built


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