Guilty Beach

Located in the cosmopolitan greek island of Myconos, Guilty Beach is an upscale restaurant and beach club.

The interior design evokes images of an essential Greece: glamorous, style savvy and eclectic, while preserving the pure character of the island’s traditional architecture and color palette.

At night the beach bar is covered by a suspended weave of lights that fill the area around the pool with warm ambient light. The custom millwork pieces of furniture arrayed around the pool area are softly illuminated from within, with integrated led lighting that makes the structures visually float. The elevated dining areas on either side of the pool are softly illuminated, with accent lights aimed at dining tables, giving them a more exclusive character, while framing the view to the beach.

Project Information

Location: Myconos, Greece

Completion Date: 2015

Architect: LOT, Office for Architecture

Client: Private

Type: Hospitality

Size: 1,100m2 / 12,000ft2

Status: Built


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