Nolita Restaurant at The Semiramis Hotel

The redesign of the restaurant within the famous Semiramis Hotel, located in the northern upscale area of Kifisia in Athens, was undertaken to create a speakeasy, intimate restaurant space, and a destination for all Athenians in search of traditional Italian cuisine.

The interior design of the restaurant, bar and lounge is inspired by traditional Italian trattorias fused with contemporary, elegant design and materials, which help create an intimate space hidden within the walls of a bold and hip boutique hotel.

Map Design Studio created a warm and inviting mood with amber light tones to emphasize the juxtaposition from the hotel’s exterior and emphasize the restaurant’s character.

Cooler lighting color temperature is used at the entrance of the restaurant, in order to have a smooth transition between exterior and interior. The bar and open kitchen are highlighted and become focal points by anchoring the two ends of the dining area. Decorative lighting is used throughout the space, which helps to differentiate the dining from the lounge area and the private dining room. Decorative finishes were also added to architectural accent lighting that are used to shift focus to individual tables and create contrast in the space.

Designed in collaboration with Jessica Tchah

Project Information

Location: Serimaris Hotel, Kifisia, Athens, Greece

Completion Date: 2016

Interior Design: LOT, Office for Architecture

Client: Dakis Joannou

Type: Hospitality

Size: 4600ft2 / 430m2

Status: Built


Courtesy of Lot, Office for Architecture