Pazuzu Beach Club

Pazuzu is an open air, upscale beach club and restaurant on the greek island of Corfu, whose elegant natural materials and design, merge it to the natural landscape and allow it to introduce a unique dining and lounging beach experience to it’s guests.

The lighting qualities change between the dining area, the lounge area and the club. Laid back during the day, the spaces transform during the night, when the bar and bamboo perforated canopy start to glow. The bars are focal points but also act as visual separation between the dining and club areas. The lighting at the dining area is more focused, with accents lighting the tabletops, elevating the dining experience. The lighting becomes more ambient and diffused in the bar/club area. The dj booth and bars glow in amber tones and become the anchor points of the dance area. Planting in the entrance and perimeter of the spaces are up lit, in order to create a visual frame to the spaces during the night, and allowing for unobstructed views to the sky.

Project Information

Location: Glyfada Beach, Corfu, Greece

Completion Date: 2015

Interior Design: LOT, Office for Architecture

Client: Private

Type: Hospitality

Size: 1,600m2 / 17,500ft2

Status: Built


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